At the end of the treatment, we recommend the use of retainers or else the teeth will shift and move back to the original position.

Vivera Retainers

We provide Vivera Retainers. They are a set of three retainers that should be worn for the first 6 months full time as you did your aligner then every night for life. Further Vivera retainers can be ordered at any time at an additional cost.

Vivera retainers are charged at £300 for replacement as a set of 3.

Fixed Retainers

Bonded retainer – This is a small wire that is placed at the back of the front 6 teeth. This will secure the front 6 teeth to stop movement. You will not be able to floss normally in between your teeth so we recommend Tepe brushes to clean the area.

Maintenance is required with fixed retainers you must check that the bonding on the back of your teeth is in place, if for any reason this come loose please wear your Vivera retainer as well until you can get this bonded back on.

Retention is essential to ensure that your results are maintained, it is your responsibility to understand these details and instructions given to ensure your new smile is maintained.

End of Treatment

Please read the following statements and sign if you are happy and understand the end of treatment agreement.

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