Cosmetic Orthodontics

Your straighter smile awaits.

In addition to Invisalign, we also offer a number of other cosmetic orthodontic treatments. With our expert dental team, supported by ultra-modern technology you can have the smile you’ve always dreamed of.
Tooth Whitening

A whiter, shinier smile.

Whether you have a special event like a wedding or a party coming up or you simply want to look your best every day, nothing will improve your confidence quite like a whiter smile.

General Dentistry

Healthy teeth, healthy smile.

Regular visits to see your dentist are the best way to ensure your gums and smile stay healthy.

Facial Aesthetics

It’s not just about your smile.

Having a healthy new smile is one thing, but why not consider improving your facial features as well. Our non-surgical treatment options help to increase your confidence even further.


Missing teeth? No problem.

We understand the impact a missing or broken tooth can have on your confidence. We have a range of implant solutions to help restore your smile and your self-confidence.


Discoloured or chipped teeth?

Our veneers are the perfect way to make your teeth look pristine, yet keep their natural feel. Ideal if you have discoloured or chipped teeth, veneers are simply a better version of your own teeth.