With recent studies showing that 12% of three year olds in the UK showing signs of tooth decay, we are on a ticking time bomb of fillings and tooth loss.

As a mum I know it’s really hard to say now and placate your children when they want a sweet treat.

Lets face it, sugary drinks, chocolate and cakes taste nice, and an indulgence every now and again is OK but there are ways to limit the potential for tooth decay in your little one.

Here are my top tips

1. Limit sugary treats to meal times only. Its not always the quantity of sugar your child has but also the regularity of it.

2. Fruit juice can be just as damaging ad sugary pop. Although it may seem like a healthy choice, fruit juice is acidic and full of natural sugars

3. Avoid taking your children shopping, if you can. We all know not only will your shopping bill be larger but supermarkets are designed to sell and your little ones will beg and plead and you will probably cave in when they see their favorite treats.

4. Do not reward your child with sweets or chocolate. Its easily done, but are they collecting things such as football or One Direction cards, or even loom bands? By finding a different reward you are protecting tehir teeth whilst still making them happy.

5. Chewing gum, if your child id old enough encourage them to chew sugar free gum after a meal. But remember to teach them to dispose of it responsibly.

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