Teeth whitening kits come in many forms, particularly ones you can apply at home. This article is a guide to anybody considering to buy teeth whitening kits online.

What are teeth whitening kits?

Teeth whitening kits are a collection of applicators which help you achieve a nice white smile. The popular Enlighten home kit allows you to tailor your use of them to achieve different shades of white.

How are they applied?

Different kits come in different forms so there are different answers to this question. The most popular of the cheap ones usually come in a tub that resembles tip-ex. They’re applied by dipping the brush in to the tub and lightly applying to dried teeth.

The more expensive but more effective teeth whitening kits will have gel and a custom made teeth tray. The gel is applied in to the tray and the tray is warn during the night.

How quick are the results?

If you’re looking for quick results where your teeth are transformed within a day than teeth whitening kits are not what you’re looking for. A number of private dentists offer in-house teeth whitening treatments which offer faster results.

Teeth whitening kits achieve a gradual improvement to the colour of your teeth. With the popular Enlighten teeth whitening kit the treatment takes a period of 14 days where on the next day you have a final in-chair teeth whitening treatment.

No matter what the marketing suggests on other teeth whitening products none can achieve a sudden quick fix bright white smile. The treatment takes time.

What precautions should I take?

You should never under any circumstances apply more gel than recommended. Adding in more gel than recommended will not quicken the results. Extremely high applications of the gel could damage the strength of your teeth permanently. Remember to keep your teeth whitening kit away from children or pets.

Where should I buy my teeth whitening kit online?

We advise that you do not buy products from online retailers. A lot of these do not follow the same policies and procedures that a registered dentist must comply with. Buying online puts you at risk of buying from retailers that do not know the products that they are selling well enough.

Many local private dentists like Smile Stylists offer teeth whitening services and sell teeth whitening kits. They may cost more than cheaper ones you’ll find online but in this industry you really do get what you pay for. Teeth whitening kits are best bought from dentists who also offer a consultation.

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