Smile Makeover

A beautiful smile is one of the most desired and valuable assets for an individual to have. Teamed together with personality these attributes say a lot about you and have often been linked to a good first impressions and people’s positive perception of you. Oral hygiene and dental health are equally important for all of us, irrespective of what nature has bequeathed us with. For the lucky ones it is essential to care and preserve what nature has given them and for the others it crucial in order to enhance what they have.

At our clinic, our team of fully qualified Dentists work towards the sole aim to cater to the dental and oral hygiene of our clients. We believe that healthier your teeth are, the better is your smile and the happier you look.

Smile Stylist dentists strive with the means of various modern treatments and dental care techniques to transform your smile into a perfectly desirable quality to have. A typical smile make-over involves work on your front teeth for both the upper and lower arches. It can eliminate a range of flaws, blemishes and imperfections such as spaces between teeth, stained teeth, poorly aligned teeth, missing teeth, and disproportions. The various treatments that may comprise a smile make-over are:

  • Dental BridgesThis is a fixed solution that involves a dental restoration used to replace a missing tooth by joining an artificial tooth permanently to an adjacent teeth or dental implants.
  • Tooth WhiteningTooth whitening restores natural tooth colour and tooth bleaching whitens beyond the natural colour.
  • Dental ImplantsA dental implant is a surgical device used to replace one or more missing teeth by fusing to the bone and supporting a crown, bridge of teeth, denture, facial prosthetic or to act as an orthodontic anchor.
  • Dental BondingIt involves the use of various adhesives and dental composites to repair various tooth damages such as cracks or gaps.
  • Dental RestorationDental restoration techniques commonly involve the use of Crowns and fillings. A crown is a type of dental restoration which completely caps or encircles a tooth or dental implant. You need Crowns when a large cavity threatens the on-going health of a tooth. Fillings are basically restorative materials used to fill up the voids formed by cavities and/ or to prevent further decay.
  • General OrthodonticsWe have expertise in all proprietary orthodontic methods such ‘Invisalign’ and ‘Inman Aligners’ as well as modern alternatives to traditional dental braces with highly capable Diamond Certified dentists on our team.

Choose your smile

With our computer aided design and 3-D modelling, we provide our clients with the opportunity to choose the kind of enhancements they want incorporated depending on the end result that can be visualised using computers. The trial veneers and restorations can then be put on the 3-D model so that the clients are acutely conversant with their chosen treatment.

Value for your Money

We explain our treatment and competitive fees well in advance making our services as easy to understand as possible for clients. Our overall fees are below the average for our area and there are a number of plans available for a various range of needs and budget. Our simple membership plan has no hidden loop holes and the best services are available for just a monthly payment of £12.50 making it easy for our members to enjoy the benefits of a yearly cover including the following:

  • Health Consultation and Assessment
  • Hygeine Sessions
  • Dental X-Rays (As recommended)
  • Dental Medication
  • Guarantee on restorative work for 12 months