General Dentistry

Our aim is to ensure healthy dental and oral hygiene for all our clients. From cavities to gum problems, our restorative dentistry protects and repairs defected gums, tooth decay and other diseases associated with different areas of the mouth.

A little care and regular check-ups can help you prevent dental problems. To ensure you enjoy the benefits of good dental hygiene, we offer a membership plan to cater to your individual requirements.

Membership Plan

Regular dental check-ups are made easy with our simple membership plan for just a monthly payment of £15. Now our members can enjoy the benefits of a yearly cover for the following:

  • 2 x Oral Health Consultation & Assessments
  • 2 x 30 minute Hygiene Sessions (scale & polish)
  • Dental x-Rays (as required)
  • Dental Medication
  • Guarantee on restorative work for 12 months

Treatment Co-ordinator Consultations

Right from extensive oral hygiene examinations to other common procedures of achieving top quality dental health, our treatment coordinators provide consultations absolutely free of charge. Our specialists tell you everything that you need to know about your oral health and assist you in choosing the right treatment to restore your personal oral health.

Oral Health Check-up

Our oral health assessments offer you comprehensive solutions for any complicated oral problems. These assessment sessions are performed by expert dentists who specialize in varied fields of dentistry; therefore, guaranteeing highest standards of service and satisfaction for our clients. The initial examination comprises different areas for concern throughout your mouth including teeth and soft tissue areas. X-rays are taken if deemed necessary to further probe any existing condition.

Cleaning and Oral Health Services

Regular visits to our clinic ensure the overall well-being of your teeth and mouth. Our professional cleaning and scaling services attend to your oral hygiene by improving the health of your teeth and gums thereby keeping oral problems at bay. Thanks to our quality dental hygiene you can now wear your smile with confidence.

Composite Restorations (Fillings)

Dental fillings restore the portion of tooth that saves it from being extracted entirely. The affected tooth area is filled to perfection with an adhesive cementing composite that matches your tooth colour. This prevents your teeth from further decay.

Root Canal Treatment (Endodontic)

Root Canal involves scaling and removing the diseased tissue from your tooth, cleaning and capping it with a composite to prevent further decay and infection. This treatment may also involve complicated surgery like multi-rooted tooth extraction and tip of root removal. Usually a tooth crown is aligned on to the treated tooth to retain the existing physical contour of the teeth.

Tooth Extraction

Remove your affected tooth completely from the root before it affects rest of your teeth and mouth. Dentists at our clinic use local anaesthetic to extract the infected tooth in a painless manner. The common causes of infection can be gum disease and tooth decay. Broken tooth, abscess, wisdom tooth and crowded teeth may also require tooth extraction.


Acting as false replacements for missing teeth, Dentures are removable appliances that fit into the contours of your mouth perfectly. Held by metal clasps and suction of gums, dentures can be partial or for the complete set of teeth. Made of acrylic resin, these replace the natural teeth and improve chewing ability.

Emergency Appointments

In case of emergencies like accidents, time is not exactly a convenience that our patients can enjoy. In such situations, we assist in relieving your pain and making the treatment comfortable for you. We are always there to support our patients and attend immediately to any of their urgencies. For emergency surgeries or appointment, we request our patients to call 0121 633 4100 and we will arrange for the treatment at the earliest availability.