Dentures in Birmingham and Manchester

There have been many advances in dentistry over recent years and in many cases missing or badly decayed teeth can now be repaired using crowns or dental implants. However, in some cases dentures are the preferred option, for budgetary, cosmetic or structural reasons. Our experienced and skilful dentists can advise you on a range of treatment options, including dentures, in Manchester and in Birmingham at our Smile Stylist clinics.

We use high quality materials to carefully craft dentures for our patients and always take great care to ensure that our patients’ dentures fit perfectly. Incorrectly-fitted dentures can cause sores, discomfort, embarrassment and pain – which is why we go to great lengths to get them right first time.

Why choose dentures?

If your teeth are damaged or decayed beyond repair, or if you have some teeth missing, dentures can be the ideal solution for restoring your smile. We offer dentures in Manchester at our city centre practice for all patients living or working in the city and surrounding areas; for patients who live a little further south, we fit the same high quality of dentures in our Birmingham practice, which is also centrally-located.

At both our Manchester and Birmingham dental practices, you may be offered complete dentures, which comprise a complete set of false teeth that are created using moulds of your gums to ensure an accurate fit. We also use photographs of your mouth and face to make sure that your new teeth are styled in proportion to the rest of your features, making them look as natural as possible. Depending on your circumstances, you may need a complete top set of teeth, bottom set, or both. Your Smile Stylist dentist can recommend dental fixatives to keep your new teeth firmly in position.

Alternatively, partial dentures may be offered if you have one or a few teeth missing or in need of extraction. These are kept in place using special attachments that fit onto neighbouring teeth, anchoring your dentures securely.

The main benefits of having dentures fitted are that you will be able to eat and chew your food properly, and they will fill out your smile beautifully, boosting your confidence. Modern dentures look natural and are easy to maintain.

Call today to arrange an appointment to discuss dentures at either our Manchester or Birmingham clinics and one of our specialist dental technicians can craft you a set of dentures and restore your smile.