Dental Implants in Birmingham & Manchester

If you have missing teeth or believe that you will need to have some teeth extracted due to decay or damage, you may be unclear about what options are available to fill the gaps in your smile. Traditionally, simple dentures and crowns have been used for this purpose, and these are still perfectly acceptable options. However, dental implants are a more modern and effective solution that many of our patients prefer since they do not require any work to be carried out on neighbouring teeth. Instead, the patient’s jawbone is used as a way of securing a new, custom-made tooth in place.

Dental implants can be fitted at either of our UK practices in Manchester or Birmingham by fully-qualified, highly trained dental surgeons at competitive prices.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a surgical alternative to other teeth replacement solutions. They are not suitable for every patient, and so our implant dentists in Manchester and Birmingham take great care to assess each patient to determine whether teeth implants will be the best option.

If suitable, dental implants are inserted into the patient’s jawbone. This is a form of surgery and local anaesthesia will be required, possibly combined with sedation for anxious patients. The implant acts as a permanent anchor to which a crown, denture or bridge can be affixed, creating a highly stable and secure replacement for missing teeth.

Who can have dental implants?

If a patient’s jawbone is not sufficiently strong, our implant dentists in Birmingham and Manchester have some creative ways of building up the jawbone to make dental implants a viable option. Usually, though, patients must be in good health and a dentist will assess their oral health in order to balance the benefits of dental implants against the amount of surgery that may be necessary to secure them properly. At Smile Stylists, our dentists will always take the least invasive approach and opt for the more conservative form of treatment that will also achieve the best results.

How dental implants can help?

By permanently filling in a gap in your smile, dental implants can:

      • create stability for your natural teeth (which would otherwise move around slightly in the available space and may become crooked)
      • give you a beautiful smile
      • reduce the risk of decay in your natural teeth (gaps between your teeth can encourage the growth of bacteria if food becomes lodged in hard-to-reach places)
      • protect your natural teeth (when you have missing teeth, your remaining teeth have to work that much harder when you chew and will gradually destabilise, becoming loose or suffering damage)

The crowns, dentures or bridges that can be permanently attached to a dental implant will be carefully colour-matched by your dentist to your natural teeth – or you might decide to opt for a teeth-whitening treatment beforehand to create a truly beautiful, sparkling white smile.

Your new, custom-made teeth implants will look, act and feel like natural teeth and can be cared for in the same way. They will be comfortable and pain-free after you have recovered from the implant surgery (which will only take a few days; any discomfort during your recovery can be improved with over-the-counter painkillers). You can expect your dental implants to last for at least 20 years if not longer with proper care.

To enquire about dental implants at our Manchester or Birmingham practices, contact us today and speak to our friendly team of advisors who can arrange an initial consultation.