Dental Bonding in Birmingham and Manchester

Dental bonding can be undertaken in a single visit to either of our practices, in Birmingham or Manchester. It is a non-invasive, highly effective treatment that greatly improves the appearance of your smile with minimal preparation of your natural teeth required.

Dental Bonding is Used for:

  • Repairing cracked or chipped teeth
  • Reshaping teeth to create a smoother, even appearance (closing gaps between your top and bottom sets of teeth or making crooked or overlapping teeth appear more uniform)
  • Closing gaps between teeth

It is often surprising to see how much difference relatively minor changes can make to your teeth: dental bonding is a cost-effective and very efficient way of giving your smile a makeover.

Dental Bonding Procedure

The teeth that need to be treated will be gently ground down ever so slightly on the surface. This is to enable the composite bonding material to firmly attach to your natural teeth. The bonding material will be carefully matched by your Smile Stylist dentist in our Manchester or Birmingham clinic whilst you wait; it is then applied where needed to make your smile even and beautiful.

It is a skilful and creative solution to crooked or uneven teeth and not every dentist is qualified to provide this service. We are therefore very pleased to be able to offer dental bonding at both of our practices in Manchester and Birmingham.

Dental bonding will last for up to four years, and so is not as long-lasting as crowns or veneers. It is a cheaper option than veneers or crowns, though, and will have a fantastic impact on your smile’s appearance in a single visit. It is pain-free (you won’t usually require any local anaesthetic) and therefore requires no downtime afterwards.

Some of our patients have tried dental bonding and been so impressed with the resulting change in their appearance that they have later opted for more permanent solutions such as veneers and crowns, whilst others are content to top-up their dental bonding periodically over time.

To enquire about how dental bonding can give you a fabulous smile, contact our teams at your nearest Smile Stylist practice in Manchester or Birmingham who can talk with you about all of your options.