So you’ve decided you want to straighten your teeth and perfect your smile, but a google search throws up so many different options your more confused than ever. Lets make it simple!

Fixed vs Removable

No matter the brand name braces fall into two categories, fixed or removable.

A popular question I hear in consultations is ‘which one is better’ the answer is neither. This is when you need to consider your lifestyle, and personality.

Would you be comfortable people knowing you are wearing a brace? If not, go for removable, then for important meetings or parties you can take it out.

Are you a scatterbrain and a forgetful person? If so you may want to consider a  fixed brace as you may forget to put your brace back in or even loose it.

Questions such as these can help you to distinguish which type of brace will suit your lifestyle.


As a general rule fixed is usually faster than removable so if you’re working to a deadline always inform your dentist at the planning stage. Treatment is not always as lengthy as you may imagine, there are now cosmetically focused braces which can give amazing results in as little as 6 months.

Experience & Research

Before embarking upon treatment do your research! Treat it in the same way you would if you were having cosmetic surgery. Ask your clinician questions, they should be happy to answer them. Here are a few you should be asking your dentist before you decide to go ahead.

  1. How many cases has the clinic treated?
  2. Can  I see some before and after pictures of patients you have treated?
  3. How long will my treatment take ?
  4. What results should I expect?


When you’re given a price make sure there are no hidden extras, as with anything a bargin price draws you in, but little additional extras can soon mount up. For example does the cost given include a retainer that you will need at the end of treatment? Or if you go for a fixed brace are there any additional costs to have them tightened? Ensure you are aware if there are any further costs before you start treatment. Most practices offer finance on treatment nowadays so that the cost can be spread over the duration of your treatment.


The most important thing I tell all patients, is make sure you feel comfortable with the clinic. If it doesn’t feel right for you, don’t do it. But if you’ve done your research, are happy with the costs, and feel comfortable with your clinical team, go for it!

Why not book a free consultation and start your journey to a stunning straight smile?



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