I signed up to the Smile Stylist newsletter and received an email about an invisible braces open day, I’d been thinking about straightening my teeth for a while and it seemed like the perfect
opportunity. They were giving me the chance of £500 off, free retainers and free tooth whitening, so I went for it.

I was expecting an open day to be a bit of a drop in, see if anyone was free and grab a quick chat, but it was much more than that. I had a full consultation, discussed different braces available, the good and bad points of each and got the chance to look at some before and after pictures.

I decided to opt for the Invisalign system as I felt I would be to self conscious of a fixed brace, and the fact that Smile Stylist were the most experienced Invisalign clinic in the area swung it for me. I paid just over £2500, which I spread over the course of my treatment, this was a lot cheaper than some other practices in the area were offering for Invisalign. I know you can get non branded clear aligners, but I wanted to go for a system which was tried and tested, so I did some research and found that Invisalign are the only company that offer you the chance to see a video of how your teeth will move and look at the end of your treatment before you even begin. They have treated over 1 million patients worldwide, and is a favourite of celebs like the Kardashian sisters. These were definitely deciding factors for me and I’m so happy I made the decision to go ahead.

I’ve nearly finished my treatment now and am getting impatient to see the final result, but I couldn’t be more impressed with my journey so far.

Every time I have visited the practice the girls have made me feel so comfortable and at ease. My dentist Sam, is a genuinely nice bloke who has your best interests at heart.

I’m not going to lie, when I first started treatment it took me a week or so to get used to wearing the aligners, but now it’s just become second nature. I suppose it will feel weird when I don’t have to wear them anymore!

The best thing happened to me the other day, I met for the first time a friend of a friend and she said to me ‘wow haven’t you got lovely teeth’ I was so happy, she didn’t believe me when I told her less than a year ago they were all over and crooked. In fact she asked me for Smile Stylist’s phone number!

I’ve got 4 more aligners left before I’m finished and then maybe I can audition for a toothpaste advert!


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