Q. What motivated you to change your smile?

A. Spent years not smiling due to my teeth being so bad and not realising something could be done.

Q. What treatment did you have?

A.Invisalign Braces

Q. How comfortable did you feel during the treatment process?

A. At first it felt a bit strange but i soon got used to it, each new aligner got easier and better to wear.

Q. How did you feel about the result? Did it match or exceed your expectations?

A. They exceeded my expectations by far! the difference has been amazing.

Q. What difference has your new smile made to your life?

A. It hasn’t made a difference it has changed my life completely. I can now be proud of my smile, Everyone around me has noticed a massive difference.

Q. Did you find the Smile Stylist team helped you through this experience? If so,in what way?

A. The team were great! Everyone was so friendly and helpful, they made me feel at home!

Q. Any other comments you would like to make?

A. I would recommend this to anyone, It has changed my life.

Helen Roberts