Q. What motivated you to change your smile?

A. I felt extremely self conscious when smiling and never showed my teeth when smiling.

Q. What treatment did you have?

A. 10x veneers on top and teeth whitening at the bottom

Q. How comfortable did you feel during the treatment process?

A. Extremely comfortable service is second to none! First class on every occasion!

Q. Did they match or exceed your expectations?

A.Completely exceeded my expectations i love them! wow!

Q. What difference has your new smile made to your life?

A. Soared my confidence levels when smiling, I’m proud to show off my new teeth and smile at every opportunity.

Q. Did you find the Smile Stylist Team helped you through this experience? If so in what way?

A. Brilliantly, i love coming here and New Street Dental have completely changed my conception of the dentist.

Alexis Finn