It all started with the discovery that getting straight teeth in adulthood needn’t consist of looking like Jaws from James Bond for months on end.

Invisalign, available at Smile Stylist in House of Fraser, Manchester is the straightening solution for adults wishing to enhance their smile over a period of time discreetly.

“My teeth are now completely straight and as the gap has now closed, I no longer whistle when I talk. It has also changed the way I eat.

It was this time last year I first visited Dr Kumar and the team at Smile Stylist and found out my buck teeth had real dental terms – an overbite (the vertical overlapping of the upper teeth over the lower teeth by over 1cm) and an overjet (a big discrepancy in the distance between the upper and lower teeth causing the upper teeth to visibly protrude), both caused by thumb sucking in my childhood.