The most popular type of Veneers, Lumineers by Cerinate are ultra-thin and specially patented to give you the perfect smile makeover. They not only fit perfect on your teeth to cover the gaps, but also correct discoloured and distorted teeth. The thinness of the product which is only comparable to contact lenses makes sure that minimum effort is required before it’s fitted to your tooth. This often results in the retention of your original teeth and less trimming and grinding of the same.

Lumineers are a dentistry specialism and not all practitioners are qualified in working with them. At Smile Stylist our certified dentists have undergone training and testing to ensure they are qualified in the fitting and maintenance of the Lumineer service in order to give you the perfect smile makeover.

Chipped, coloured or misaligned teeth? You will find yourself to be the perfect candidate for this treatment with results to amaze and a smile to be proud of.

The Advantages of Lumineers

  • Ultra-thin – Lumineers are not like the traditional Veneers. Thin and comfortable, the quality of the product makes sure that no extra preparation is required to start the treatment and fit the Veneer and after treatment they ensure the structure of your teeth is kept intact.
  • Perfect for damaged teeth – Whatever the damage, Lumineers are the perfect solution for chipped and discoloured teeth whilst also working for misaligned as well as worn out teeth.
  • Patented and trustworthy – Patented by Cerinate, the quality of the product can be trusted absolutely with only a couple of visits to the dentist needed to complete the fitting.
  • Durability – The quality of the product has well and truly passed the test of time, usually lasting for around 20 years. This makes it a safe choice for those wanting to avoid regular and unnecessary visits to the dentist.
  • Painless – Lumineers in particular save you from the pain of injections and drilling. The nature of the product doesn’t require much of preparation and fits easily without much hassle.
  • Permanent whiteness – For those who crave for whiter teeth and visit a dentist often, can now go for Lumineers as they give your teeth permanent whiteness and retains the shine for a long period of time.

The preparation

As mentioned earlier, Lumineers don’t require much of a preparation. Once booked in you simply visit us, we take an impression of your teeth, send it to the Smile Studio of Cerinatem, USA and from there they design the Lumineers tailored to the impression of your teeth making you a custom smile perfect for your face.

Fitting Lumineers:

Once the Lumineers are fitted to your teeth, the usual trimming and shaping is done. When you like what you see in the mirror, we bond it to your teeth and ta-daa! Your perfect teeth and brilliant smile is complete!

If you would like more information on how you too could have show-stopping smile contact us today!