Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the best options available for restoring lost teeth, lending support to the jaw bones in a similar to the way our natural teeth do.

With revolutionary technique and practice, dental implants are quickly changing the way dentistry is practiced throughout the UK and across the world. While teeth are built to last for an entire lifetime, people often loose teeth due to neglect, accident, injury, trauma or a disease. Dental implant treatment at Smile Stylist gives back the same joy of having your teeth intact ensuring you look and feel wonderful!

The treatment can be used to replace just a single lost tooth or more dramatically a number of teeth, transforming your smile and confidence. Our dental implants are becoming ever more popular and though a recent celebrity trend they have steadily become one of the most widely practised treatments in dentistry over a number of years.

What can implants treat?

Dental implants can:

  • Replace a single absent tooth or multiple missing teeth
  • Support a dental bridge, eliminating the need for a denture
  • Support dentures, increasing comfort and improving long term ‘nature like’ option
  • Restore full function to your mouth
  • Boost confidence by replacing your missing smile

Why is it important?

Dental implants are the most popular ways to restoring your natural smile and in turn your confidence. Missing teeth can lead to a plethora of problems while speaking, chewing and diminish the shine off your personality. We hear many stories of clients unable to fully relax both on social occasions and everyday life due to the dread of smiling and revealing their own teeth. Your smile speaks a lot about the person you are so let it shine!

Worried about looking too ‘fake’? Fear not, dental implants give a natural look and feel just like your own teeth, making your jaw line look beautiful once again.


Reliability: The success rate of Dental Implants treatment speaks volumes about its acceptability and reliability making it an excellent option for tooth replacement.

Self-confidence: Dental implants help in blending your natural smile with your self confidence, and bids farewell to the ill fitted dentures and hassles of denture adhesives.

Long Term Oral Health: Dental implants leave most of your teeth untouched and thereby benefitting your long term oral health.

Aesthetics: Now get the look and functionality of your own teeth without having to use any un-pleasant dental bridges.


  • While the costs may look high, Dental implants do last longer than other similar options
  • With a longer completion time some choose a more short term ‘easy’ option but dental implants still come out on top for their unmatched success rate and shelf life. Remember – Long term sustainability is better than short term results.

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